Camel Safari

Camel Safaris are organized by the Hotel itself. Camel riding with us is a unique & fun experience. It is an opportunity to get to know your Camel, its habits, its personality, robustness, patience and strength. The best way to know the country side is to take a camel ride. As the camel moves with a leisurely pace, one gets a great view by sitting on the high back of a Camel. In today's world of hectic schedules, one gets a real break by going on a Camel Safari. Skilled guides would accompany you during the Camel Safari, who will explain in detail about the flora and fauna of the Desert.

Categories of Camel Safaris:
Category I
  • A 2 hour camel ride including transfer & refreshment is organized.
Category 2
  • In addition, safaris of longer duration with tent / mud hut accommodation is also organized.
  • It is recommended that during Camel Safari one should wear casual cotton comfortable clothes, sunglass, hat, and may use sun skin lotion.